Elastic Refill Gel - Clear Nail Builder Gel - 15g

Elastic Refill Gel - Clear Nail Builder Gel - 15g

Would you like to do infills more quickly? If you already have the skills to work with a thinner consistency product that is not only suitable for building, but also for infills and the no-filing technique, our clear Elastic Refill Gel is a perfect choice. It keeps the C-curve perfectly and it is easy to spread. The thinner consistency allows for quicker and easier application. Due to its self-leveling and the short cure time, you can cut the infill time in half.

Suitable for infill of Elastic Gel, Acrylic and AcrylGel nails.

  • Cure time: 2-3 minutes in UV, 30-60 seconds in UV/LED
  • After-cure surface / cleansing: The surface has a slightly sticky layer after curing. If filing is needed, make sure to cleanse the nails before you file them.
  • After-cure surface / shine: The surface is even and shiny after curing.

How to use?

Prep the nails for infill as usual. Apply Perfect Prep onto the nails for degreasing and dehydration. Do the infill with Elastic Refill Gel. When you applied the gel and created the C-curve, cure and cleanse the nails, before you file them to the appropriate shape. Apply the chosen gel polish color, then a top gel as a finishing touch. When using a no-filing technique, there is no need to cleanse the nails. You can apply the gel polish color and the top gel right after curing.



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