Gel Polish Starter Kit - Pro

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LacGel Starter Kit - Pro

This kit is ideal for manicure and lacgel application. It is reccomended if you do not posses a UV/LED lamp or preffere to have a spare one and thinking to try out Perfect Nails Lac Gels. A complimentary technical card is included for reference to ensure the correct order of product application.

Tha LacGel Starter Kit Pro includes:


3 in 1 Liquid nail primer that prevents fungal infections, helps to achieve good adhesion, and also has water repellent and degreasing qualities. An acid-free product with a pH neutralizing effect, recommended for lacgel, gel, acrylic, and AcrylGel techniques. Its skin-friendly formula does not damage the nail plate.

2.Lacgel Base/Top Clear #000 Gel Polish 4ml

2 functions in one: basic and cover light gel

Medium thick, flexible, soluble base and shine gel providing excellent adhesion. Apply the product on lacgel or on any type of nail enhancement as finishing cover shine. The layer will last and retain its gloss for weeks.

CURE TIME: UV 2–3 min., UV/LED 60–90 sec.

3. Gel Cleaner - Gel Cleanser 30ml

Fragrance-free liquid to remove the tacky dispersion layer of cured gel, lacgel and AcrylGel from the nail surface.

4. Lacgel #007 Gel Polish 4ml - Hot Red

Highly durable lacgel colors in three steps. Softly spreading lacgel with excellent adhesion – a transition between color gels and nail polish. No scratching, abrasion and flaking for up to 3 weeks. Requires base and top gel. A flexible top gel is recommended as a finishing touch. It can be soaked off with acetone.

CURE TIME: UV 2–3 min., UV/LED 60 sec.
PERFECT TIP: Stir the lacgel with a spatula, or shake the bottle thoroughly before use to ensure an even distribution of pigment.

5. Orange Wood Stick

The slanted end is suitable for pushing back the cuticle, while the pointed end allows for an easy positioning of nail art bits and pieces. It is also suitable for wiping any unwanted gel off the side walls, and for painting the smile line and mixing gel products.

LENGTH: 18 cm

6. Nail Wipes - Premium 100 pcs

Lint-free, perforated, extra absorbent nail wipes made of paper – suitable for removing the sticky residue from nails and removing nail polish.

7. Buffer Block - 4-sided buffer block

Use it to remove surface shine from natural nails, and to refine the surface of nail extensions.


Universal 48W UV/LED lamp with a holographic finish. The lamp features 30 energy-saving LEDs, and their sensors are placed lower in order to enable perfect curing on the thumb as well. The lamp has a half-down (”low” heat/ reduced speed) mode to protect the nailbed from a burning feeling induced by the sudden heat. This model is equipped with timer buttons (30–60–99 sec) and a smart sensor. The magnetized base of the lamp has a mirror surface and it is detachable.

LacGel Technical Card:

Gél Lakk használati útmutató

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