Nail Art - Glue Gel 15ml

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Christmas Gift Packages
Christmas Gift Packages
BrandPerfect Nails ColorClear Unit15ml

GLUE GEL - Thick consistency gel with adhesive effect 15ml

As opposed to traditional adhesives, this product contains no cyanoacrylates and leaves no foggy residue on nail art pieces, so these retain their original beauty. The elements of the design are movable until the nails get under the lamp. Rhinestones and crystals are securely and reliably enclosed, so even lower quality stones are less likely to fall off. The slightest amount of UV light initiates polymerization, making this product highly suitable for securing larger nail art elements or clusters. Given the product’s flexibility, it is durable on nails coated with lacgel as well. Can be filed or soaked off.

CURE TIME: UV 2–3 min., UV/LED 60 sec.


Apply with brush to the surface of the nail where the ornaments would be placed. In case of a bigger, thicker ornament, put on a thicker layer!

It can also be removed by filing or dissolving. Use a dotting needle and/or an "art & corrector" pen to apply.

Perfect Tip:

Don’t apply it to the top of the rhinestones because it will take away their luster!



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