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Nail Drill Touch

Our latest nail drill in a new design: the Touch!

With its sophisticated rose gold styling and touchscreen functionality, it will leave the competition behind! Control the speed up to 35,000 rpm! Vibration-free and quiet, it's comfortable to work with!

Who should you recommend it to?

Recommend our powerful, long-lasting nail drills for beginners and masters alike.

What are its advantages/properties?

  • Super silent and vibration-free operation thanks to its special micro-motor, which is precise and easy on the joints.
  • It is infinitely variable, making it a versatile drill.
  • Its touch screen function is an innovation on the market.
  • Its speed can reach 35,000 rotations per minute.
  • Thanks to its smart memory, it records the previously set speed, so you can continue working exactly where you left off. The Touch drill will be a stylish tool for nail salons.

What problem does it solve?

  • We've launched the design-led nail drill, with outstanding features.
  • It keeps pace with the demand for innovation, with touchscreen control, smart memory, high performance and a micro motor.

How to use it?

  1. The old drill head can be opened and removed by turning the quick-release in the middle of the handpiece.
  2. Push the new drill head in fully and then pull it back 1-2 mm to avoid internal friction.
  3. Turn the quick-release in the centre of the handpiece, which holds the head in place.
  4. To switch on the machine, touch the power button, set the direction of rotation and the speed. Detailed instructions for use are included in the box.

Perfect tip

Compatible with other drill heads, which guarantees professional nail preparation and manicuring.


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