Nail Sticker - Pastel Flowers

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Self-Adhesive Sticker

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BrandPerfect Nails ColorColorful TypeSelf-Adhesive Sticker

Nail Sticker - Pastel Flowers

Something special for nail art enthusiasts, who enjoy using this technique.
Our self-adhesive stickers are perfectly suitable for surface nail art, and they are truly quick and easy to apply. Ideal for nail enhancements or gel polish surfaces to create modern, one of a kind designs. Choose from eye-catching, stylish designs and save the time needed for gel painting.

Advantages of Nail Stickers

  • No water needed,
  • Stylish designs,
  • Quick nail art,
  • Eye-catching patterns,
  • Easy placement,
  • Popular color palette.

How to use Nail Stickers

  1. Choose your pattern and using tweezers, lift it from the backing paper.
  2. Place the sticker onto a buffed, dry and dusted-off nail surface.
  3. As a finishing touch, apply one coat of top gel onto the nail surface.

Perfect Tip: Create unique designs by combining nail stickers with other nail art techniques, such as NailStar rhinestones or gel painting with DeluxGel or CreamGel.


Ajánlom! Szép,és könnyen feltehető.
Ajánlom! Szép,és könnyen feltehető.
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Nail Sticker - Pastel Flowers
Colorful Self-Adhesive Sticker
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Nail Sticker - White Flowers
White Self-Adhesive Sticker
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