Nail trends - Spring 2022

Nail trends - Spring 2022
In the spring fashion shows, we've already seen how the tired, pastel autumn-winter trends are being replaced by bright, vibrant, cheerful colours that are in themselves a source of cheer.

Vibrant, saturated colours - real cheerfulness

One of the dominant trends for spring will be bright, clear, saturated colours such as pink, bright orange, royal blue, sunshine yellow, grass green, poppy red. We've even put together a gel polish set for you that has all these colours! Discover the alluring colours of Tropical Chaos! Combine them together to create complementary color pairs for a really fresh, lush effect.
In addition, slightly more pastel variations of these main colours, such as reddish pink, pumpkin, turquoise, butter, apple green or orangey red, are a good choice to complement these main colours.

LacGel Tropical Chaos Gel Polish Collection

Monochromatic color effect - subtle harmony

When it comes to color combinations, in addition to bright complementary colors, the so-called Monochromatic effect is becoming very fashionable, where lighter and darker shades of a base color are used together, so that the base color is present throughout the composition, but depending on the number of shades, several color depths can be used. A very harmonious effect can be created, with white and black being the perfect complementary colours, whether for rhinestones or embellishments.

LacGel LaQ X - ART Gel Polish Collection

Minimal decorations - lines, geometric shapes, nature-inspired decorations

When it comes to decorations, the number one trend will be minimal, which will be reflected in both colours and shapes. Black and white decorations will complement any color perfectly, which can appear as 1-1 lines or dots, in simple geometric shapes and in patterns inspired by nature, such as leaves, branches, simple flowers, with delicate lines in the form of a sketch.

LacGel Velvet Cat Eye Gel Polish Collection

Sparkle, velvet effect, magnetic colors

The still extremely popular matt effect is complemented by very shiny glitter, flakes, even combined with matt details, and the velvet effect, which is really striking either on its own or with magnetic colors.

This spring is going to be very varied, rich in different trends, really exciting, everyone will find the colors and effects they like best, so it promises to be a great season!



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