5 essential nail accessories to make your salon work easier

5 essential nail accessories to make your salon work easier

We use a lot of accessories in our salon work, but if you had to list 5 things you should definitely have, what would they be? Let's see!

1. Master artificial nail table led lamp – extra led

One of the most important factors in our work is the right light. As well as needing bright light, it's also important that it should be easy on the eyes. Light that is not the right color/temperature makes heavy use of our eyes, which will become tired very quickly.
White daylight lights are the best way to protect your eyes. It is also important that the light source should not flicker, as this also strains the eyes, and if you want to take a photo or video of your work, the image will not be streaky if you use daylight.

Thanks to its adjustable light intensity, the Master nail lamp allows you to adjust the light intensity to the external light conditions, which, thanks to its special shape, spreads over a large surface area, illuminating your entire work surface.

Master Table Led Lamp - EXTRA Led

2. Unicorn dusting brush – Galaxy

One of the most common problems is the amount of dust that is generated during the filing process. Regular dusting is essential to ensure that we always have an accurate view of our work area, but it can also be uncomfortable for guests with sensitive skin. The dense but soft bristles of Unicorn brushes allow us to gently but thoroughly remove the dust generated from the skin and folds without putting more strain on the guest's skin. This is a great help for the now popular Russian machine manicure, where we reach deep under the folds, making the skin more sensitive.

3. Fold-out nail brush holder

Our brushes are constantly in use and, as the saying goes, "order is the soul of everything", if we arrange them in a clear and practical way, we know immediately where to reach for which brush, we can save a lot of time. A fold-out brush holder does not take up too much space on the table, it ensures transparency and, what's more, it allows us to store our brushes upside down and protected from light, which is very important for both porcelain and gel brushes. Also, if for some reason we need to take them with us, it's just a simple move to turn the brush holder stand into a lockable brush holder, which protects our brushes from damage during travel.

We have already written about the types of brushes in our previous article. Although it's not easy to find your way around because of the extremely wide range of brushes available, we'll help you make your decision by explaining the most important distinguishing features.

4. Pump dispenser

Most liquids that we use regularly (polish remover, fixer) are much easier to use with a pump dispenser than constantly unscrewing the big bottle and then back again. Plus, the transparent container makes the colors of the liquids visible, which looks very nice on the workbench, and often we know which one to use without checking the label. The pump dispenser allows you to fill, quickly and accurately with exactly the amount of liquid you need - and prevents evaporation.

5. Rhinestone black apron

The apron is very useful to protect your own clothes from dirt, dust, spills or gel polish. Its adjustable neck strap and waist tie help you adjust the size for comfort. The washable, water-repellent fabric makes it easy to keep clean, and the pretty rhinestone logo makes for a neat, well-groomed workwear look.

Not only do these accessories make our work easier, which is essential during long work days, they are useful and a beautiful addition to our desk, which is a pleasure for us and our guests.


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