Basic Builder gels – Which, when, why?

Basic Builder gels – Which, when, why?

As a beginner, it is very difficult to navigate among the many products and choose the materials with which we can start in this wonderful profession. We would like to offer a little help, we have selected a few builder gels that you will definitely not be disappointed with.

Basic product line

The Basic product name have been given to our gels which are good quality, reliable, and in terms of price-value, suitable for colleagues starting out in the profession, and which can be used excellently for most basic techniques.

Basic Clear Gel

Gel - Basic Clear Gel 15g is an excellent transparent gel that has a medium-soft consistency and is self-spreading, so it is perfect as a base layer or for creating apex in the case of shorter nails.

Basic Blue Gel

Translucent, slightly bluish toned gel, that can be used in thin-medium thickness, slightly self-spreading and holds the shape of apex well, so it is ideal for creating apex for medium-long nails. Its slightly bluish color has a color-enhancing effect, so in the case of French nails, it highlights the beauty of white French.

Basic Cover Dark Gel

Highly pigmented gel with soft texture, which covers perfectly even when applied in a thin-medium layer, so it can be used excellently for nailbed extension, but requires a base layer.

Basic White Gel

A well-pigmented, medium-textured white gel that helps the creation of an even surface, yet holds its shape well. Requires a base layer.

All Basic gels cure well under traditional UV light and new generation combined UV/LED lamps. Since they contain less than average initiators, their curing time is slightly longer (UV: 2-6 minutes, UV/LED: 60-180 seconds), but at the same time, heat generation during curing is minimal, so there is less chance of an unpleasant, burning sensation.

All in all, the Basic gels have been developed in terms of texture, pigmentation, adhesion and strength in order to make the work of the beginners easier.

What's next?

From time to time, it comes that we feel like moving forward with the materials as well. What gel do we recommend as the next step?

Crystal Clear Gel, Cool Protein Cover Gel, Extreme White Gel

Their consistency is slightly thicker, so they hold their shape better and are even ideal for longer nails. At the same time, leveling the surface with these gels requires more practiced movements.

Ice Gel

Translucent builder gel with a dense texture, barely spreading, with a slightly bluish effect, which is also suitable for creating extreme shapes.

Cover Extra Gel

Extra thick cover builder gel which does not spread at all, keeps its shape perfectly, so it is a perfect choice for filing smile line and extreme shapes.

The range of possibilities is therefore wide, it is worth considering what techniques and what types of nails we make so we can choose the ideal builder gels according to these and our knowledge and experience.


Évi Darabos


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