Cheer! More good news! The new perfect nails catalogue 2022/23 is out!

Cheer! More good news! The new perfect nails catalogue 2022/23 is out!

Hurray! Another good news! The latest Perfect Nails product catalogue 2022/23 is out! We were looking forward to it, because it is full of new and interesting content. With its clean look, it's easy to follow and its professional nail art content will be a great resource for you.

Why is it so special?

In this catalogue you'll find everything about Perfect Nails. First hand nail materials just for you. Every year we prepare a free catalogue for you, to give you a closer look at our products, but also to inspire you. Detailed product descriptions, instructions of use, comparison charts, all in one place - a catalogue that every nail technician should have at her salon. Our catalogue is split into categories to make it easier to find what you're looking for when browsing, but it's also a great help when ordering online. Type the name or item number of the product you want into the search box on our website and you'll find it right away.

What else is in our renewed nail salon catalogue?

We've also added a QR code to each of the main sections to help you find the information you're interested in, so you can easily find more details on our website.

So, all you have to do is drop our free catalogue in your basket next time you place an order. Get it now and explore our quality products!

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