Christmas miracle in your nail salon

Christmas miracle in your nail salon

During Christmas, most customers prefer wearing nails that are different from their everyday style no matter if it’s the color, the overall effect, or the decorations. It’s always better to prepare a bit for this time of the year and think about what to recommend to your clients.

Cat Eye Effect

Magnetic gel polishes provide a special, vibrant effect that is perfect for background colors for winter landscape patterns, but they will also look fantastic as the main decoration just like on a Christmas tree.

Sparkling Gel Polishes

When it comes to Christmas, most customers prefer gold, champagne, or silver tones that match well with almost any color: red, nude, white, black, lilac, or blue.

You might choose products with bigger grains (for example LacGel #133 Gél Lakk 8ml - Champagne Gold, LacGel #132 Gél Lakk 4ml - Champagne Silver), or fine grains with a metallic effect (LacGel Effect Winter Wonderland gel polish kit).

Built-In Decorations

Besides using these colors as gel polishes, it’s worth trying out some built-in ornaments such as Metal Chrome Flakes – Nail Ornament Flake, diamond flitters, or the Shiny Mesh that can be added to the nail’s surface easily.

Transfer Foil

Transfer foils are also easy to use and are designed for professional manicurists. These shiny, metallic foils can be used to enhance different parts of a pattern, or they can also help to create an ombre effect easily.

Tip: You might want to try these metallic ornaments with a matte finish – it will create an exceptional effect.

Painting Gels

Whether it is a print pattern or some other decorations that you’d like to add some spice to, the CreamGel and the Delux Gel were made to paint patterns and contours.

Sugar Effect

One of the most popular patterns during wintertime is the sweater pattern. In this case, we strew a bit of porcelain powder to create a velvety effect, or with a bit of glitter for those who love shining. Choose Mermaid Powder or Pixie powder.

Nail Art Prints

Our Christmas-themed nail prints are full of Christmas-like motifs such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, tree ornaments, Christmas presents, or even Christmas lollypops. These patterns look perfect in any color, or you could even jazz up your clients’ look with the new golden and silvery prints.

Snow Grains

If you apply snow grains, you can enhance the effect of winter landscapes and snow sitting on pine branches. The only thing you have to do is strew a few snow grains on the gel before it dries to create a winter-wonderland effect.

By using different decorations alone or together, you may be able to create unique winter decorations that your clients will surely love while you’ll enjoy the creative process, too.

Let’s not forget, customers sometimes find it difficult to imagine the effect of the solutions you can provide, so it might be worth showing the different ideas on a color pallet to make their choice easier.


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