Full gel tip technique today?

Full Coverage Gel Artificial Nail Tip

Yes, but it's no longer the old-fashioned, screaming-from-a-distance plastic piece it was 15-20 years ago, today's tips, known as full coverage, are a new development. Nails made with the new technique are thin, beautifully shaped while being strong and durable.

How to use it?

New innovation also means new techniques and combinations of materials.
  • Nail preparation is done in the same way as for fake nails: cuticle filling, cutting, shortening and matting of the nail plate with a #180/180 file, Perfect prep liquid.
  • After choosing the right size, matt the inner half of the tip with a drill bit (for example: silver surface refiner) where it will be glued to the nail plate.
  • Apply a thin layer of a strong, flexible gel base gel (e.g. Elastic hard, Fiber vitamine) to the nail plate and the inner curve of the tip, then tilt the tip onto the nail plate and hold it in the correct position, apply for about 10 seconds and release the tip and continue for 1 minute.
  • Shorten the tip with a tip cutter, shape it with a file and then thoroughly mat the surface with buffer #150.
  • Apply 1 or 2 coats of gel polish and flexible gloss gel on the matt surface.

Really that? No material needed, just the gelcoat?

Yes, these tips are made of a special plastic that makes them extremely flexible and elastic laterally, but strong and resistant to external influences: they don't crack or break, they are extremely durable and don't need to be coated with nail polish base.

The special structure of the material guarantees durability despite the fact that the nails appear to be thin. The tips are very thin across their entire cross-section, so whether you keep the original length or shorten it, the edges remain thin.

Full Coverage Gel Artificial Nail Tip

Beautiful, trendy shape, wide range

The angled versions of the new full coverage tips (coffin and cubic shape) with beautiful straight sides and straight side lines when viewed from the side, with a beautiful, balance-pointed ridge, ensure that you get truly stunningly beautiful nails.
The round versions (almond, oval) will delight the lovers of classic shapes, with their beautiful, feminine shapes and traditional C-curved ridges that fit nicely on curved nails.

Why do we love them?

  • Fast - extremely quick to apply
  • No more tip glue - gluing is done with a gel base gel
  • Easy, quick shaping - thanks to the beautiful shapes, little shaping is required
  • Uniform - uniform shapes are child's play
  • Thin - only gelcoat colour and topcoat are applied to the tip
  • Strong, flexible - special plastic for maximum durability
  • Filling capability - when moulding, just remove the paint and gelcoat filling can be done
  • Removal - during removal the tip can be removed in a few minutes with acetone

As you can see, the new Full coverage tips are truly taking us to a new dimension and revolutionising gel polish. The new technology is knocking on the door, don't miss it.

Article author:
Évi Darabos


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