Galactic Salon Experience

Galactic Salon Experience

The new Galaxy devices create a beautiful visual spectacle on your table, with a mystical dark base color and lights in purple-pink-green-gold that will captivate everyone.

But let's see what the collection consists of and what we use them for!

Titanium Cuticle Pusher – Galaxy

Double-sided cuticle pusher, with a wider spoon at one end and a narrower spoon at the other. The pusher thins out so that it can be used to gently lift the skin without damaging it.

Drill Bit – Galaxy

A fine diamond powder coated drill bit head for preparation, which with its medium thickness easily lifts the chipped cuticle and removes it from the nail plate, thus providing space for filing and material application next to the skin. Its thin, blunt tip perfectly cleans deeper areas of the skin without cutting sensitive skin. Suitable for right and left-handed use.

Titanium Universal Tweezer – Galaxy

The tweezers with a straight, thin tip are ideal for applying small decorative elements, rhinestones, stickers, decorative stripes, separating glass fibre/silk fibre. Its strong material also makes it ideal for bending.

Titanium Nail and Cuticle Cutter – Galaxy

The thin, sharp blade is also suitable for cutting off excess cuticle or for template cutting and recessing. It can also be used to remove rhinestones and decorative elements from the nail surface.

UNICORN BRUSH - Dusting brush with a unicorn shaped handle

Thanks to its thick, soft hair, it removes dust from the skin and nail surface, including wrinkles, thoroughly yet gently. It is also suitable for Russian manicures as it does not damage thinned skin.

Nail Forms

Thanks to its harder material, it gives the nail a strong, stable hold and keeps its shape. Its strong adhesive also adheres well to sweaty, clammy skin. Easy fitting is ensured by the well-shaped, large wings and the specially designed side notch.

Chrome Powders

A true galaxy effect is unimaginable without the wonder of beautiful chrome powders that are slightly translucent, revealing the original base color underneath, yet with a unique, suggestive glow that shimmers in the lamp or sunlight to reveal shades of purple, blue, pink, peach or green.

Thanks to their special coating, galaxy tools do not wear out during use, can be disinfected either by soaking or spraying, so they can be our faithful companions and beautiful salon accessories for a long time.

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Évi Darabos


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