Get stylish for the end of fall with claret gel polishes

Get stylish for the end of fall with claret gel polishes

It’s scientifically proven that colors can affect the way we feel or even how we behave. Although, the way we think about colors depends on different associations, too: some tones are colder, while others are warmer. Also, we might make correlations between abstract notions and colors, for example, it is quite common to connect red with passion or green with envy. And we tend to feel like some colors simply belong to a certain season.

Talking about seasons, claret is a color that is oftentimes associated with fall, and even fast-changing fashion trends can’t prove otherwise. Claret is also the color of sour cherry and red wine. Of course, as with all the names of different colors, claret is also an arbitrarily picked shade, while the word might cover quite a few color tones. And this colorful nature of claret itself can be discovered in the world of gel polishes, too.

From Cherry Red to Brownish Red

Too many products might get you confused, so we collected our most popular claret gel polishes to make your decision easier.

  • LacGel #009. This cherry-colored gel polish is a sort of transition between bright red tones that are popular in the summer and deeper shades. It’s a great choice for those who like vibrant and suggestive colors.
  • LacGel #107. This one is the strongest shade in our collection that can provide dynamism and youthfulness. This color is definitely for determined people, who know what they want.
  • LacGel #126. This shade is so deep that it’s almost brown, radiating self-confidence and balance.
  • LacGel +032. If your client is especially looking for the color of cherry or red wine, this tone will definitely be to her liking.
  • LacGel +014. It’s a reserved but rather characteristic shade that can tell a lot about the elegance of the person wearing it. This color will be a perfect addition for the fall.

Have you prepared for this season? Check out our products,and get your favorite claret gel polishes Perfect Nails!


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