How to choose a professional electric nail drill?


When it comes to building nails, you’ll need to have a modern electric nail drill to do outstanding work. These machines help you shape the applied components, file the surface, or even remove the cuticles. But before picking a nail drill, it’s important to get to know more about the advantages of these machines to choose the one that’s best for you. Let’s see what the most modern electric nail drills can do!

Let’s start at the beginning

Electric nail drills were developed especially to fill the needs of professional manicurists, helping them do precise and detailed work. With the help of such machines, the process of making high-quality fake nails becomes easier and more efficient.

Electric nail drills can be used in the case of fake nails or gel polishes, too, though most manicurists use them when it comes to building fake nails. These machines will help you in a variety of things: they help you prepare the natural surface of your clients’ nails, and they help you shorten or remove old fake nails.

Choose the right grinder heads

Different machines can be used with different grinder heads depending on the purpose.
Cylindrical grinder heads will help you speed up work and make nails look thin.
Metal cones will help you remove dead skin.
Smaller grinder cones will let you shape the parts that are hard to reach.

Basic Drill for beginners and advanced users

Basic Drill is extremely popular among beginner students but professionals love it, too, for it’s portable and easy to use. You can change its speed between 0 and 20.000 without vibration while you can also make it go reverse. If you are still getting familiar with electric nail drills, and you are looking for a tool that you can take anywhere, this is the perfect choice for you.

Perfect Drill developed for professionals

It’s enough to say that Perfect Drill was developed based on the technology and precision of dental drill machines. Perfect Drill is equipped with a silent and vibration-free engine that makes comfortable and precise work possible under any circumstances. You can adjust the speed between 0 and 30.000 which helps you prepare your clients’ nails or make a delicate manicure. If you are looking for a professional drill machine, choose Perfect Drill!


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