How to use the shades of purple

How to use the shades of purple

Many people are wary of purple, even though we are talking about a very harmonious and unique color, plus there are a wide variety of shades; we just have to find the right one for us. But let's start at the beginning; what is so special about purple?

Meaning of purple

Purple is extraordinary as it is a mixture of warm red and cold blue, so it has both warm and cool properties. The emotional approach of purple states that this color means the balance of the female and male sides of our soul and the equalization of the right and left sides of the brain. The purple color helps spiritual liberation, awakening, transformation, and signs mystery, often associated with power, realm, strength, and luxury. In addition, purple symbolizes peace, dignity, serenity, selflessness, service, and healing. Purple is a mystical color with many shades, from bluish to reddish pink. Find the right one for you!

How to use the shades of purple

Usage of purple gel polish

The purple colors can be combined nicely, either using different cold and warm tones or sorting out the cooler and warmer shades of similar gel polishes. LacGel Plus Purple Rain Gel Polish Selection contains lighter and darker shades. The wide range includes everything from colder acacia hue to warmer beet red, and we can mix them to create perfectly unique colors. LacGel Cat Eye C014 4ml Gel Polish - Purple Love - 5D Magic's cool purple color gives any darker gel polish a wonderful purple glow, and our LacGel CatEye C017 8ml Gel Polish - Amethyst - 9D set gives a cool or a warm purple shade depending on the surrounding light.

Purple accessories

Besides the purple gel polishes, the perfect accessories for trendy nails are the dark purple Nailstar rhinestones Nailstar Rhinestone SS5 - Dark Purple AB, or Mermaid Beads; they can be enchanting nails decorations.

If you rather want a chrome effect, you can choose between the metallic, vibrant Purple Chrome Powder or the slightly colorful Scarabeus Chrome Powder, which arouses the effect of the armor of a scarab. Extremely cheerful, light, and special effects can be given to the nails by the Nail Decorating Confetti, whose Purple - Cyclamen - Silver color combination is at the same time diverse yet a harmonious decoration.

Ideas to enhance purple

Beyond the traditional combinations, here are some ideas to make memorable color combinations and to achieve a super overall effect:

  • Gray - matt, restrained, simple
  • Yellow, orange - vibrant, energetic, cheerful
  • In pink - charming, vivacious, diva
  • In blue - deep, solid, mystical
  • Turquoise - cheerful, summery

We can see that purple is not as scary as it seems at first. Let's try out its different shades and discover the myriad possibilities it holds. We did the same, and it's no coincidence that Perfect Nails proudly wears this fantastic color because an artist always has "Desire to Create!"


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