Nail Products and Materials

Nail Products and Materials

Being present in the nail art business for several years our goal is to provide top-quality products for an affordable price for professional manicurists and regular customers. We provide easy-to-apply, highly pigmented quality gel polishes in every shade of classic and trendy styles as well as UV lamps, brushes, nail files, and other tools for precise work. Explore what Perfect Nails can offer, and place your order now!


Acrylic gels are the perfect choice if you are looking for easy-to-apply and flexible gel polishes and the sturdiness of porcelain. The result is gorgeous and outstandingly durable, and it will make your clients’ nails look stunning. Whether you are looking for the latest trends as your hands are always in the center of attention, or you simply like looking good, we advise you to try our new acrylic gel products. Feel free to browse, and don’t forget to check out all the colors to find the perfect ones!

Acrylic Powders

Perfect Nails offers the highest quality components including nail building materials and nail bed lengthening porcelains. No matter if you are looking for nude shades or colors that are more extravagant, you’ll find the one that suits you best. Make no compromises – get the colors you need from Perfect Nails!

Gel Polish

Having well-groomed nails doesn’t have to be a privilege anymore as there is no me-time without a good manicure. Are you a beginner or a pro at nail polish techniques? Don’t worry, you’ll find the products that are best for your experience and style. Our premium quality gel polish products are perfect for professional and home use, too. Check out our kits and pick the one you like!

Builder & Cover Gels

Building nails is getting more and more popular simply because it makes our nails glow. With our gel-based nail building products, even beginners can test their skills as they are flexible for a longer time than porcelain and they only dry after being exposed to UV or LED light. Don’t worry if you are not a professional nail artist yet, take your time and don’t worry about being too precise. Do you want to make good-looking yet durable nails? Choose our premium gel polishes now!

Nail Builder Gel Kits

Perfect Nails provides easy-to-use nail polish kits that every beginner or professional manicurist must have. Don’t bother selecting your nail-building gels one by one – choose the selections you need, and start building with our kits now!

Transparent Builder Gels

Do you like being in the center of attention? Do you like it when everybody is looking at your nails? With the help of our transparent nail-building gels, you can build any kind of fake nails you can dream of. Thanks to their adherence and flexibility, they are easy to shape regardless of style or length. Choose the products that suit you best, or check out our stores at Dohány street or Plaza Etele!


Perfect Nails offers high-quality manicure tools for wallet-friendly prices and fast delivery. Our premium buffers, brushes, nail files, and other easy-to-use tools will make your work smoother than ever. Set your standards high and take your manicure to the next level with our products. Check out our offers!


Perfect Nails has everything that you’ll need for high-quality nail building including lamps, electric drills, buffers, dust traps, or UV lights. Do you work at home or already have your own nail salon? Check out our products and don’t miss out on our offers!

With high-quality manicure lamps, any nail-building components will dry fast, and the results will be stunning. Do you do your own nails or are you a professional manicurist? We only work with the best brands, so if there’s one thing we can definitely guarantee it’s that you will find the tools you need. Choose your UV/LED lamp, and start building now!

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