Nail Trends for the Fall – Colors for Those Gloomy Days


If we are lucky, the next couple of weeks still has some of those sunny late-summer and early-fall days. No need to panic, though, you don’t need to say goodbye to happiness and colors after the end of summer. Although we still have a few weeks until those gloomy days arrive, thanks to some of the best designers we already know which colors will dominate the upcoming seasons.

If you follow the news, you must have noticed that the fall collections of the most important brands are all about soft, warm colors and earthy shades. As you know, whatever you see on the international runways will dominate the next season’s clothing, make-up, and interior design trends. But the fashion shows aren’t only influencing these parts of the fashion industry – it also dictates the manicure trends.

Mellow Pastel Colors

Should one of your guests ask for a trendy fall manicure, you can proudly show them our new Creamy LacGel collection. If we need to describe this gel polish kit, we’d say this is a mashup of fall colors. These shades are beautiful, and harmonious and will match all styles as they are elegant and reserved. If you don’t want to bother collecting all the fashionable colors for the fall, this gel polish collection was made just for you.

All the Shades of Brown

What’s the most fall-like color? Of course, it is brown. It was our favorite choice for spring, too, and you don’t have to say goodbye to it for the next few months either as the shades of brown will always be trending. Wear it on your clothes, make-up, or nails.

You Can't Go Wrong with Red

If we are talking about fall, we have to talk about red and all the different shades of it. Red is the number one choice for the season as it can bring a little bit of color to even the gloomiest days. Feel free to dress up in red on one of those grey workdays, and recommend them to your clients!

Fuchsia for the Brave Ones

It’s not your fault if fall is not the first thing you think of when it comes to fuchsia. This is not the most typical color for the fall, but feel free to experiment with it. If you have a guest who is open to new and unusual things, they will simply love it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant, so you might even use grey or ivory with our fuchsia gel polish.

Our New Favorite: Lilac

Don’t get us wrong, pastel pink is great, but there is something you need to try: it’s pastel lilac. This color will not only look good on your clothes, accessories, make-up, or furniture but also on your nails. Believe us, it's worth a try.

And One More Suggestion: Patchwork Patterns

Surprise your clients by adding some metal effect to their nails! Our transfer foils will help you make Patchwork shapes that are getting popular again. Because the end of summer doesn’t mean it’s the end of the happy days. Bring more colors and joy to the upcoming season!

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