Prepare for the Summer with the Latest Nail Trends

Prepare for the Summer with the Latest Nail Trends

We can all agree that it was time for the summer to start. After all those gloomy, dark, and cold months the good weather is finally here, and so are all the latest nail trends for the hottest period of the year. Fortunately, the upcoming season will also include some of the most extravagant solutions and some more conservative trends. Here’s a sneak peek from which not only professionals but everybody might be able to get some inspiration.

Very Peri Is Still Popular

Our true followers know exactly that very peri was selected as the color of 2022. This unique and futuristic tone mixes the calmness of blue with the dynamic nature of red. If you love being up-to-date about the latest fashion trends and adore everything purple, then you simply can’t go wrong with this shade.

Marble for Luxury

Marble isn’t only popular among interior designers, but also nail artists. It gives your nails a natural, yet luxurious touch at the same time, as it is extremely characteristic and timeless. Marbly colors can mix with black, gold, and copper shades if you are looking for perfection.

Decorate with Flakes

No list of summer trends would be complete without decoration ideas. Flakes can be used in different color combinations, so it’s up to one’s imagination what kind of effect you want to get. The most popular opal flakes can be mysterious or sparkling, depending on your preference.

LacGel LaQ X - Flash Summer Edition Gel Polish Collection

Romantic and Extremely Feminine Nails

The upcoming season is all about femininity, so be prepared for feminine and playful colors with flower patterns and pastel shades representing romantic and natural beauty. If you don’t necessarily want to draw attention to yourself with your nails, but you love paying attention to details, this is what you should check out.

The Perfect Harmony of Neon and Nude Shades

There is no summer without vibrant, powerful neon colors – that is a fact. This time of the year, even those who prefer not to be too extravagant try these kinds of gel polishes. If you are one of those women and can’t find the right neon tone for your taste, you can easily choose one with a more pastel-like shade that tones down the radiance of neon nails. Combine neon with nude colors!

Snow White Nails for Tanned Skin

Even though some might think white gel polish is boring, there is more to white than most people think. With a little bit of creativity and decoration ideas you can easily make it look interesting that would look fantastic with tanned skin tones.


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