Say YES to These Nail Art Ideas for Your Wedding


The key moment of organizing your wedding is when you find the perfect wedding dress because this is what determines the look of your hair, your make-up as well as your nails.

Some people plan ahead, while some people only find the perfect colors and nail polish techniques the days before the wedding. Although usually women trust their manicurist’s taste and professionalism, some women wouldn’t take a chance on the big day, and prepare their favorite nail polishes according to their own ideas.

As brides tend to freak out if something goes different from what they planned, nail artists often suggest testing some of their ideas before the big day. If you pick a new color and wear it for a few days, you might get used to it, or you’ll have a better understanding of how to alter and decorate it to fit your needs. This way, when the wedding day comes, you’ll already know exactly what you want and what you can expect. Also, if the wedding is scheduled for the summer, and you choose to wear open shoes, don’t forget about your toenails, too. Feel free to choose colors that match perfectly with your fingernails.

In the following, we’d like to give you some ideas about nail polishing and decorations to help you pick the most elegant options a bride can possibly choose.

The All-Time Classic: French Manicure

It’s not the first time that we talk about French manicure in our blog, as this is the style that anybody can wear regardless of age or occasion. You can’t go wrong with a French manicure on your wedding day either, not to say that you are free to decorate with glittering patterns.

The Finger that Everybody Is Looking At: the Ring Finger

Regardless of how big your wedding might be the moment you receive your ring is the one that everybody is focusing on. Lots of newly-wed couples also love to take a series of pictures of the rings, so it’s extremely important to make those nails the most beautiful you can. Use strass stones or other, elegant decorations – even if you choose a more simply French manicure.

Pastel for Everything

Every bride is different, and so is every wedding dress. Dazzling white or off-white? Veil or tiara? Long or short? Classic or extreme? Whatever your choice might be, pastel colors will match perfectly with any style of wedding dress. But you shouldn’t only consider natural-looking colors. Many brides choose mint green, peach, pink, lilac, or light blue that wouldn’t draw too much attention, yet they are able to bring a little color to your outfit.


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