The color palette of 2022 fall recommended by Pantone

The color palette of 2022 fall recommended by Pantone

It’s safe to say that fall is the most colorful season. It’s not gray, monotone, or gloomy as it is often regarded, but it’s full of energy, life, and colorful shades. Although for most people, this time of the year is mostly about staying at home, preparing for the winter, and staying quiet, fall does bring a lot of opportunities for happiness, experimentation, and self-expression.

The Pantone Institute isn’t only famous for selecting (or mixing) the color of the next year, but also for the fact that they are well-established in the fashion industry all year around. The colors they pick can’t be disregarded, and become the favorite choice for fashion shows as well as nail art trends and interior design inspirations. The Pantone Institute’s selection for 2022 fall and winter includes classic earth tones and vibrant color variations, too, that are not typical of these seasons but will give an excellent touch to those foggy, rainy, and cool days.

Brown – the most fall-like color

If we had to pick one color that is always on the list it would be brown. Brown is a basic color for the fall, only its tone changes a little. At the end of 2022, you’ll meet those warm brown colors that were once already popular in the 70s: almond, hazelnut, caramel, and coffee colors will define the upcoming seasons.

Red – for the real heartbreakers

We have great news for those who like feminine and extravagant colors: this fall will be all about the different shades of red. Wine red, chili red, and cranberry are excellent choices for heartbreakers, and we guarantee you, no day will be monotone with these baddies.

Gray – formal but not boring

Who said that gray was boring? This year, it will surely be exciting, especially if you experiment with pigeon gray or silvery shades. These reserved and formal tones will be easy to combine with more vibrant colors.

Blue – cool in the good sense of the word

As in the summer light blue was the most popular choice, this fall and winter will be all about dark blue and its different shades. The color you will meet the most in the upcoming season will be midnight blue, grayish blue, and a bit shiny metal-like tones.

Green – the more natural the better

Those who are looking for the golden mean in clothing, nail jobs, and accessories will need to get familiar with natural green colors. These not too extravagant yet not too reserved colors will be easy to combine with pastel tones. Olive, avocado, blueish green, and emerald green will be pretty looked for at the end of the year just to mention a few.

Pink – girly and cute

How did pink get on the list? Well, pink is not only for spring but also for fall – at least from now on. Fruity pink tones and peach colors will bring joy and beauty even to the gloomiest days of the fall.

Orange – full of life

Orange is the most powerful and energetic color of fall. This is the shade that will likely remind you of optimism and happiness, and let’s face it, we will need some of that positive energy in the upcoming months.


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