Your Ultimate Choice for the Summer: Neon Gel Polishes

Your Ultimate Choice for the Summer: Neon Gel Polishes

Ever wondered why all the different artists and fashion designers are always so excited about the international Fashion Weeks? Because this is when they can get some fresh inspiration from the latest trends and innovations. Well, we are just like them. Our Future Sporty gel polish kit was inspired by the latest neon-colored sports outfits.

Neon Colors Have a Lot of Fans

It actually wasn’t all that difficult, because as we are also huge fans of neon shades, we already knew that strong colors will be extremely popular. As extravagant neon colors are always there on the runaways, we played safe and designed a premium-quality gel polish kit for all the futuristic neon enthusiasts. Future Sporty gel polish sticks well and is a sort of crossover between classic nail polishes and colorful gels. As it looks extremely thin, even those who don’t really like gel polishes will love this product. Future Sporty nail polishes can be removed fast and easy without filing, and might even last up to three weeks without any sort of visible damage. These qualities are extremely important in the summer, as your nails have to endure sunbathing and swimming, too.

LacGel Future Sporty Gel Polish Collection

Neon is the Perfect Choice for the Summer

Some like neon colors, some don’t, but on a hot summer day, even the most conservative women tend to try something extravagant. And why wouldn’t you try a nice neon manicure or pedicure to grab some attention? Neon shades match perfectly with the latest swimming suit trends and they can give a unique touch to classic styles while highlighting your tanned skin. In our earlier article: Nude or neon? Mix them freely! we presented you another great gel polish combinations.


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