Perfect Days World Wide

The most successful Perfect Day series ever! Not only in Hungary but in Europe as well!

In September, in four countries at five spots: Austria, Croatia and the United Kingdom
hundreds of nail technicians visited our events!

Perfect Day Calendar autumn 2018:

2nd September ;Grand opening (Budapest – Hungary) + 20 cities in Hungary from Sept. – Nov.
2nd September (Payerne – Switzerland)
15th September (Vevey – Switzerland)
16th September (Doncaster – U.K.)
23th September (Zagreb – Croatia)
23th September (Wien – Austria)
6th October (Nürnberg – Germany)
8th October (Sofia – Bulgaria)
8th October (Corcos – Italy)
13th October (Graz – Austria)
10th November (Augsburg – Germany)
12th November (Lisbon – Portugal)
13th November (Porto – Portugal)
17 th November (Marosvásárhely –Romania)
8th December (Ingolstadt – Germany)
14 th December (Sofia – Bulgaria)

Thanks for the great organizations: Fidia Barny, Silingi Diana, Ines Dikanović, Gemma lambert-lewis, The Nail Team, Perfekt Nails Austria Nageldesign products, Perfect Nails Croatia