The London customers are fans of Perfect Nails because our great emphasis on quality: the quality of the ingredients are high and competition-level, on the other side, our price are in mid-range.
We meet people of many nationalities, all of them have their own favorite style, but all of them are highly interested in new things.

They live the creation of nail-designs as art and challenge, and as each culture and nation they have their own particular way of thinking, they visit our shop aleays with different needs.
Here in England, where we have a really serious quality expectations, we are still succeed to remain consistently in high level of professional expertise and the same high level in raw material quality.
We are proud to mention that our England team reaches the podium in different competitions on a regular basis.

The most wished products are the various LacGel-s, since most of our guests don’t wear at work long, decorated nails, however, with these LacGel-s we could make trendy, beautiful design with tasteful and natural effect, in addition, it is still very durable.
The London shop is situated in heart of zone 3, on a busy main road.

In addition to the 3D artificial eye lashes, we also deal with Spa pedicure. The interior design of our shop, follows the tradition of Perfect Nails: the nice combination of purple and white is very popular, original and “designy” solution, which is considered to be a really exclusive style here in London.

I remember, I began to start the nail business in a tiny, little room. After three months, I moved to the living room of our flat. In the next step, I separated a training room for students and finally, when we outgrew my flat, I opened this nail-salon.

I am very proud of our work, our achievements and the successes achieved in the last Nail Olympics, I’m also proud of my colleagues and distributors!

Now, I’m a member of a truly professional team with which we will do many things.
Briefly, here in London, our work is very diverse, since we are busy in building the local image of a really beloved brand.