Rhinestone - SW.SS9 SAPPHIRE 25 pcs

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Rhinestone - SW.SS9 Sapphire 25 PCS - Premium quality faceted rhinestones, cut to perfection

Are you a fan of jewelry from the world famous Swarovski brand? You can now wear such sparkly stones on your nails as well. These rhinestones are must haves for nail enhancements and a gel polish mani. They have been the most impressive, the quickest and the most popular nail design elements for several years.

How to use Swarovski Rhinestones

Take off the surface shine of the finished nails, and use Glue Gel to adhere the rhinestones onto the nail surface. Cure for 5-10 seconds, then apply a top gel onto the nail, including the surrounding areas of the stones. To maximize the effect, do not apply the top gel onto the stones themselves.

Benefits of Swarovski rhinestones

  • Simple, quick and eye-catching designs
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Extra sparkly due to a unique cutting technology
  • Ideal for elegant and extreme designs alike
  • Available in fan-favorite AB Crystal and Crystal colors as well
  • 22 different colors


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