UFO Nail Drill

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UFO Nail Drill

Our UFO Nail drill turns nail salons into a Galactic base! Don't be fooled by the tiny size of our drill! Thanks to its high power and 35 thousand RPM, it makes nail preparation and manicuring professional.

Who should you recommend it to?

Recommend our powerful, long-lasting nail drill for beginners and masters alike.

What are its advantages/properties?

  • Design, modern look, made even more special with the Perfect Lily ombre finish. Its metal, feather-weight handles make it easy to work with and it's compatible with other drill heads than the ones in the box.
  • It is equipped with a special micromotor that ensures super quiet and vibration-free operation, making it gentle on your joints.
  • Adjustable speed (0-35.000.)
  • Precise, smooth operation also makes it ideal for Russian manicures. Back and forth rotation direction adjustable for right and left handed use.

What problem does it solve?

  • We've launched the most design-led nail drill ever, with outstanding features.
  • It keeps pace with the demand for innovation, with touchscreen controls, high performance and a micro motor.

How to use it?

To turn the machine on, press the speed control button, and set the direction of rotation and speed.

Perfect tip

Compatible with other drill heads, which guarantees professional nail preparation and manicuring.


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