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Perfect Nails - Desire to Create

You are the soul of Perfect Nails: you are the ones who trust us, ask us questions, eagerly anticipate our novelties, participate at our events, make an effort to visit our shops even from further away, and follow us online. This is why we make up a Perfect team together…

Perfect Nails started out as a family enterprise in the 1990s. Apart from professional excellence, the maintenance of a family atmosphere is still one of the fundamental values of our company. We are shaping our company profile to ensure continuous professional development, commitment, and openness. The steady and persistent efforts of the past years have lead to success: our branded products are at the forefront of the market.

Although we became known as a wholesaler for artificial nail products, our range of activities has dynamically expanded over the years. Our wide range of services include various activities from the research and development of branded products to the organization of nail tech education and training.

Webshop for professional artificial nails products

You can browse our wide range of products in our online store and in dedicated Perfect Beauty Shops. Our professional products cater to the needs of nail techs working in nail salons and are suitable for at-home use as well. We offer all the necessary tools for a perfect manicure and pedicure, as well as artificial nail products from base gels and gel polish to nail art and nail design accessories.

If you want to create aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting glamour nails, browse our selection of high-quality builder gels. Explore the world of nail sculpting with builder gels, which is an ideal platform for creative experimentation for professionals and amateurs alike. Since as opposed to acrylic, gels do not air-cure but need a UV/LED lamp for curing, you can create even the most extreme nails without a time constraint.

In our modern era, gel polishes are the primary choice for long-lasting and highly pigmented nail paint. Our gel polish sets contain all the necessary tools for gel polish application, as well as providing a great opportunity for you to start getting to know our products. Depending on your specific needs, there are several gel polish sets to choose from: our mini kits are great as an introduction to gel polish application, whereas our maxi kits expand your repertoire with further useful accessories.

We are continuously extending our product range to include current trends and techniques, and to cater for customer needs. It was a significant milestone in the history of Perfect Nails when we added cosmetics for manicure and pedicure to our initial product list, and called the Sara Beauty Spa product range to life, which quickly conquered the field of massage and body treatments. The steady flow of highly positive professional feedback and worldwide recognition motivates us to strive for consistently high quality in our products and services, and maintain a progress-oriented, open mindset that has become inseparable from the image of Perfect Nails.

Perfect Nails is more than a brand: we build a community. Come and join us!