LacGel LaQ X - The Red Classics Gel Polish Collection

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ColorMix UnitGel Polish 5x8ml

LacGel LaQ X - The Red Classics Gel Polish Collection

Is it a classic? Yes. Is it sexy? Oh yes!
Red tones are always in style. The seductive, sensual harmony of red nails is simply perfect, just like the mystical warmth of a red rose. Red is one of our favorite colors that not only exudes confidence, but promotes creativity as well. Red tones are popular and loved among nail techs – applied onto the full surface of the nail or used in combination with stamping and painting techniques, these are always great when we want to spice up the nails.

Introducing LAQ X, the brand new Perfect Nails lacgel range. If you have ever anticipated something, this is it! "X" for extra color intensity! These colors have an extra, even 30% pigmentation, and the consistency is so X-tremely creamy that you can fine-tune your application technique to perfection. We keep on surprising you with our newest collections that feature even more seductive, fabulous and intensive colors. Isn't this great?

NEW! 2021 new nail polish bottle design and X-Brush

The new, extra pigmented LaQ X gel polish range not only takes colors to the next level, but also introduces a new and improved gel polish bottle with the X-Brush that is ideal for the Russian “dry brush” technique. What is so special about this?

  • Pop-off color display on the bottle cap: You can showcase the true color in the pop-off display, so it is easy to locate colors in your collection when you open your drawer.
  • Non-slip, matte bottle cap: The non-slip cap guarantees a better grip for your convenience.
  • X-Brush: Precision cut bristles fan out perfectly to allow for a convenient application of nail polish.
  • New bottle design: An elegant design with a wider shape for a more convenient grip.

Our newly developed product goes hand in hand with a special method of application. The Russian “dry brush” technique shows you a quick and easy, cost-effective way to use our LaQ X gel polish colors. Learn the finest movements of this special method in our soon to be available LaQ X technical workshops, so you can work accurately with extremely pigmented colors in a time-saving manner.

PLEASE NOTE Stir the gel polish with a spatula, or shake the bottle before use to ensure an even distribution of pigment.

Features of the LacGel LAQ X range:

Self-leveling gel polish with a creamy consistency, a crossover between color gel and nail polish. It remains free of scratches, and there is no chipping or flaking for up to 3-4 weeks. Ideal for manicure, pedicure, full color on nail enhancements, and nail art. This gel polish requires a base and a top gel.

  • Consistency: medium thick (3/5)
  • Flexibility: flexible (2/5)
  • Solubility: soluble
  • Cure time: 2-3 minutes in UV, 30-60 seconds in UV/LED
  • After-cure surface / cleansing: The surface has a sticky layer after curing.
  • After-cure surface / shine: The surface is matte after cleansing. (Application of top gel is needed)
  • Removal: file off

How to use?

  1. Prep the nails: Push back the cuticle, scrape off the tethered skin, shape the nails, and remove the surface shine with a fine buffer.
  2. Clean the nails / Apply nail prep products: Clean the nails, then apply Perfect Prep for degreasing and dehydration.
  3. Adhesion booster: (Optional step) For problematic nails, use our adhesion-booster liquid, Perfect Bond Primer for an even better adhesion. (After air-drying for 20 seconds, the nail surface remains sticky to help adhesion.) PLEASE NOTE: Although this step boosts adhesion for problematic nails, a longer time will be needed for soak-off/removal.
  4. Base gel: Creates a sticky layer, strengthens the natural nails, and prevents discoloration.
  5. Recommended as clear base gel: LacGel Base&Top / Bond Gel Vitamine+ / Hardener Gel / Elastic Hard Gel
  6. Cure: Cure time and method according to the description of the chosen base gel.
  7. Color: Apply an extra thin coat of the chosen LacGel LaQ X color, and take care to avoid skin contact. PLEASE NOTE: make sure to apply the product with an almost dry brush, in a very thin layer.
  8. Cure: We recommend curing each nail right after application, switching back and forth between the hands to make sure that the nail edges remain sealed.
  9. Top gel: Cure time and method according to the description of the chosen top gel.
  10. Recommended as top gel after gel polish application: LacGeL Base&Top / No Cleanse Top Shield / Flexi Top Gloss / Cool Shine Ever
  11. Cure: If your chosen top gel requires cleansing, make sure to cleanse the nails.

Perfect Tip

There are two options to enhance durability:
  • Using two types of base gel at the same time as follows: Bond Gel Vitamine+, cure, Hardener Gel or Elastic Hard Gel before applying the gel polish color.
  • For problematic nails, use Perfect Bond Primer after the application of Perfect Prep. Note that this makes soak-off difficult.


Remove the shine of the top gel with a 180 grit file, then apply a generous amount of acetone onto the cotton part of the Remover Wrap Foil, then place the Remover Wrap Foil onto the finger. Wait for a specified number of minutes, then remove the foil. After taking off the foil, use an orange wood stick or a pusher-scraper tool to push the loosened product off the nails. The soaked off product stays in the foil.


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LacGel LaQ X - The Red Classics Gel Polish Collection
Mix Gel Polish 5x8ml
In stock
LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - Ferrari Red X006 - The Red Classics
Ferrari Red 8ml
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LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - Apple Red X008  - The Red Classics
Apple Red 8ml
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LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - Red Lipstick X007 - The Red Classics
Red 8ml
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LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - Cherry Red X009 - The Red Classics
Cherry Red 8ml
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LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - Red Grape X010 - The Red Classics
Claret 8ml
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