Professional Nail Products

High Quality 30-year-old European Nail Brand

Our company Perfect Nails Ltd. was established in 1992 – as a producer and distributor company of a wide range of professional artificial nail, massage, and cosmetic products for nail technicians, beauticians and masseurs.

Perfect Nails’ products are developed and produced in Hungary and in several other EU states, in addition, all of these are registered in CPNC and complying with 1223/2009 EU Regulation.

These products are represented in more than 22 countries worldwide.

Professional Nail Products

Wide range of incredibly qualitative Builder Gels and All in One Gel Polishes

  • High-quality products with perfect-value-for-price!
  • 4000 products in our product assortment
  • Fast delivery to all countries
  • 20 years experience in nail education
  • Videos, magazines, and catalogs to make easier the use of our products
  • Wide experience running nail schools: own school in Budapest and partner schools from Lisbon through Rome, Valencia, Wien to Athene

Why choose Perfect Nails?

Professional Nail Products Wholesale
Professional Nail Products



The company has become a significant player in the foot and nail care market in Europe.

Our partners represent our quality products in 22 countries of Europe and worldwide.

We have around 100 resellers and 1,500 nail tech partners in Hungary, and their great results serve as proof that it pays off to become a distributor of Perfect Nails products.

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We strongly believe that an expert knowledge of products is essential for efficient distribution.

It is important for our company to create an ideal supportive framework for our partners, so our colleagues working at the franchise center provide our partners with a ready-made recipe for products to stock, marketing strategies and advanced trainings.

We strive for a win-win situation – our mutual growth and development is the key to avoid pitfalls.

Our marketing strategy has proven to be sound, and we provide our partners with continuous advertising opportunities on our offline and online platforms.

Our franchise system does not only encompass the well-known brand name and image but also the highly developed business model of our company, together with our experience, expertise and reputation. We also allow for regional exclusivity, therefore, our franchise model is a guarantee for success.