Durable Pedicure with Gel-Like Nail Polishes

Durable Pedicure with Gel-Like Nail Polishes

We have talked about the advantages of gel-like nail polishes, so you might already know: if you want to make a gorgeous classical manicure or a durable but traditional pedicure, you can’t go wrong with gel-like nail polishes that are available in different shades.

Why? Because these products combine all the advantages of nail and gel polishes. They are easy to apply, they cover your nails well, they dry fast and they can be removed easily. Compared to simple nail polishes, they don’t wear off easily, your nails will simply outgrow them after a while which is less visible in the case of toenails. As your toenails grow slower than your fingernails, if you use gel-like nail polishes for a pedicure you can count on it for even 4-6 weeks.

Colorful Selection for Every Age

In the summer, manicures and pedicures are equally important. Fortunately, our wide selection of these nail polishes makes it possible for everybody to choose the right product for their style and personality.

In case you want to check out the selection at Perfect Nails before buying, feel free to come by our shop at Etele Pláza. We’ll introduce you to our products so you can make sure that good manicure and pedicure starts with premium products.

Gel-Like Nail Polishes – A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Priming

Not only manicure, but pedicure also requires preparations before applying the right nail polish. The secret to proper adhesion is making sure none of the nails are oily or dusty. Remove the shiny layer by using a special buffer and use a quality nail primer. This will not only make your nail polish stick better, but it will also prevent the nail polish cause pigmentation on the surface of your fingernails.

2. Drying

Apply the gel-like nail polish on the whole surface of the nails in two layers. Wait 3 minutes for the first layer to dry and 5 minutes for the second one.

3. Finishing

Whether you use gel polish or gel-like nail polish, you need to use the right finish for the perfect result. A shiny finish will make your new colors glossy and your pedicure more durable.

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