Get in the mood for the holidays with our new products!

Get in the mood for the holidays with our new products!

Our November-December artificial nail novelties are inspired by the peaceful, intimate Christmas holidays and the wild New Year's Eve fun. You should buy your favorites as soon as possible so you don't miss them! Which one should not be missing from your set?

Christmas Gift for Guests - 30 pcs pack

Buying gifts for your guests? PIPE! Thank your guests for their trust throughout the year and surprise them with a thoughtful gift packed in a gift box, which contains a magically spicy winter cuticle oil, a mini buffer and a Galaxy file. The product is also available in individual packaging and package offers!

Gel Polishes 4 ml - Celebration

Our Celebration gel polish set includes the real Christmas colors in one set. We have great news, as the best-selling gel polishes are now available in 4 ml packaging! Did you know that the really special end result is thanks to the multisize glitters, i.e. the combination of smaller and larger glitters? There is no need for additional nail decoration either, as the more and more beautiful shades provide a special nail wear in themselves. Which Diamond shine gel polish will be your favorite?

LaQ X - Xmas Gel Polish Collection

Pamper your guests with the latest shades of our diamond-shiny, extra-glitter LaQ X - Xmas Gel Polish Collection, which are true classic, festive colors, and turn the gel polish on to turbo! But spare the decorative phase, as these varnishes look wonderful on their own, and thanks to their phosphorescent effects as a string of lights, they simply attract the eye. For a more characterful, even slightly glassy end result, definitely try it on a black background!

Cuticle Oil Gift - Winter Spice 4ml

Is it also of utmost importance to you that your guests' hands are the healthiest? You can't go wrong with our decoratively packaged nail care oil! Its truly heart-warming scent is due to its incredibly sensual, wintery spice notes - the romance of almond and cinnamon oil. Enjoy the intoxicating scent of Christmas spices, which is good for you too!

LaQ X - Flash Cat Eye Gel Polish Collection

Are you bored of the usual Christmas colors? We have brought our reflective, color-changing, magnetizable, 9D Cat Eye effect gel polish set for those who like an extremely spectacular effect or darker nails. You can also safely recommend it for holidays, as it gives you an extremely elegant nail design. Get the winter's most multifunctional, effect-seeking product line, which shows a different face in different light conditions.

Aurora Cat Eye Gel Polish Collection

Festive, champagne glitter with a Cat Eye effect? If your guest prefers restrained, light colors, seasoned with fine glitter, then you can't go wrong with the Aurora gel polish set! In addition, depending on the color you use underneath, you can achieve different effects. Feel free to try it, but hurry, because it is available in limited quantities!

HEMA products

Reduce the risk of allergies! In order to minimize irritation and allergies, use the members of our HEMA-free gel varnish family, which are made without 19 irritating additives, thus allowing the use of varnish gel and long-lasting gel varnish even for those suffering from allergies. The product line also has a separate Hema-free preparation (HEMA FREE PRIMER), base (HEMA FREE BASE GEL), gel varnish system and top (HEMA FREE TOP), in order to be completely vegan and Hema-free. It is suitable not only for professional salon work, but also for home nail care. Get them all!

Color Rubber Base Gels - Nude

You can never get enough of the new shades of Color Rubber Base Gels, so we have brought you the beautiful and understated nude shades of the colored base gels! The Biggest Secret of the Nail Industry Revealed: Professional nail artists already use this! you can also read about our most wonderful autumn shades in our article.

Flash Pixie Powders

New among the Pixie powders! You can use our reflective, fine-grained mica powder built into the entire surface or sprinkled in a pattern. Thanks to its incredible coverage, it is enough to apply only a thin layer. Look for it in 6 different sparkling colors!

Colorful Multi Flakes

Laser-sparkling shine for New Year's Eve and prom nails? Choose our breath-taking nail decoration flake, which you can incorporate either into artificial nails or onto the surface of gel polish. The most special nail wear for winter balls will be the real crushed ice effect, which can be easily achieved with Colorful Multi Flakes. For an even more overwhelming final result, use it with Extreme Gloss Gloss Gel!

Holo Chrome Powder

Laser show on nails! Thanks to the special, pixel-free properties of the nail decorating chrome powder, you get a really understated nail style, crowned with a slightly translucent chrome effect. Do you want to achieve a metallic effect? Thanks to the play of small grains, you can easily do it.

Nail Art - Glue Gel 4ml

Our medium-thick adhesive jelly has arrived in a new 4ml package! With its help, various decorative elements can be permanently attached to both artificial nails and gel polish. It is also perfect for large rhinestones, even minimal UV light starts the bond.


Our newest buffers are characterized by their mini size but maximum efficiency. You can use it for pedicures and manicures, to mattify the nail surface of natural or artificial nails. You have no idea what to surprise your guests with? Pair it with Cuticle oil and put a smile on your face!


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