Glitter galore and usage tips – 5+1 ideas

Glitter galore and usage tips – 5+1 ideas

Glitters have been a staple in our profession for ages. The size and shape of glitter particles that are considered trendy may change over time, from completely metallic effects to slightly watery transparent ones, or even multicolored glitters. However, one thing remains constant: nails must shine.

Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your existing glitter collection:

1. Mixing into Transparent Gel

For this purpose, you can use clear builder gel, gel polish base, or even glue gel. This way, you essentially create glitter gel matching the product family. You can use it to paint thin lines on the nails, which can be contoured afterward. You can also apply it over another color to make it sparkly or complement your existing design with a few thin glittery sections. It offers a simple and versatile way of using glitters.

2. Mixing Multiple Glitter Sizes – Multisize Glitter Effect

By mixing at least two, but preferably three sizes of glitter (fine dust, small hexagons, large hexagons), you can create a perfect base for glitter ombre nails. Press the glitter mix into fresh material (clear builder gel, Nail Art - Glue Gel 15ml) in a thin layer and lightly spread it in one direction. Then pull a layer (milky white, nude, or any color) over it, creating a beautiful gradient where the glitter particles shine through.

3. Surface Sprinkling – Sugar Effect

This effect works best with fine-grain glitter, as the grains are sprinkled onto the uncured material (either for a design or full coverage), and then cured. The glitters remain on the nail's surface without being encapsulated. To avoid a scratchy finish, fine-grain glitter is crucial. For this purpose, you can use products like Delux gel or glue gel for designs, or a non-sticky topcoat like Extreme Gloss Top Gel for full coverage.

4. Mermaid Powder Effect

When you gently press small to medium-sized glitter particles into the sticky layer of cured material (e.g., gel polish color or color rubber base) and smooth them over the surface, you create a distinctive, dense, glittery effect. However, you must cover it with a thicker layer of top gel (like Extreme Gloss Gel) to prevent the particles from protruding from the nail's surface or edges.

5. Glitter Builder Gel

Glittery nude or white nails are very popular among clients and can be prepared quickly by mixing selected glitter powders into a smaller amount of builder gel. These powders typically have white or pink tones, come in various grain sizes and are carefully mixed to minimize air bubbles. You can create nails (fill or extensions) swiftly with this mixture. After filing, apply a layer of top gel.

+1: Glassy Glitter Effect

To achieve a unique look, mix glitters into glassy Vitrage gel polishes and apply this mixture over a matching color. The result is a distinctive, deep glittery effect that adds an extraordinary touch to the nails.

As you can see, even though glitter is an old material, it still has a wide range of applications today. So, it's worth pulling them out from the bottom of your drawer from time to time.


Évi Darabos


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