How to choose the perfect scissors?

How to choose the perfect scissors?

Whether it comes to professional nail salons or doing your nails at home it is extremely important to use quality scissors. Whatever tools you might want to purchase, you should always put efficiency and durability before everything else because you can only make your clients happy and satisfied if your scissors are sharp enough. Let’s see what kind of scissors you should use as a nail artist!

Types of Manicure Scissors

There are three types of manicure scissors based on what we use them for: nail scissors, skin scissors, or the one that combines all the advantages of both types. Nail scissors are a bit curved, so that you can cut fingernails nicely, while skin scissors are a bit narrower so that you can cut even the most hard-to-reach parts.

Quality Nails Scissors

The edges of nail scissors are perfectly aligned, so that you can cut precisely. This type is mostly for cutting a bit off the edges and making some adjustments. These professional scissors can cut at the tip in a very precise manner, too, so you can make your work pretty efficient and comfortable with them.

Skin Scissors for Nail Artists

Adjusting nail-beds and cuticles, and cutting off the exfoliating skin parts usually need a specialized skin scissor. These types of tools look different from other scissors: they are smaller, and their tips are also narrower. It is also very important that the edges have to be perfectly aligned for getting perfect results. If you work with nails a lot, you might want to try the Solnegni modern scissors or the Szilágyi stainless steel scissors which are really sharp at the tip and very comfortable to use.

Pay Attention to Cleaning

Professional nail tools are made very durable, but you can only be sure if you pay attention to proper cleaning and storing. The scissors should be disinfected after use and should be kept in a dry place. And what’s the most important: only use your scissors for what they were made for, nothing else! This way, you can be sure that you’ll have no trouble using them even after years of hard work.


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