How to get more clients?

How to get more clients?

This is a question that many beginners in the industry ask, but even experienced colleagues may find themselves in a situation where they need to replenish their client base, be it due to leaving the field or, for example, after the Covid period. However, not everyone wants to achieve this through paid advertisements and flyers.

Here are some tips on how to attract new clients!

Knowledge of Materials, Expansion:

New material types frequently appear on the market, opening up new possibilities in our profession. Recently, the introduction of polyacryl gels (for example PolyAcryl Gel Soft in Tube - Milky White 30g) was a significant change, but we can also include the widely popular strengthened gel polish and color rubber base materials that have undergone tremendous development in recent years.

Why is this important? Because clients also see these novelties, and even if they are satisfied with their previous nails, curiosity about the new creates a demand for trying out these new materials. However, it is not advisable to forget about the old, well-proven materials. When we think of acrylic, most new professionals don't like it because of its smell. Many put it away in a drawer after the exam and struggle to work with it. However, if someone learns to use it, they can expand their palette with a very resistant, strong, durable material. This can be a significant help when quick nail is needed, or extra-strong adhesion is required. It could also be suitable if the client is allergic to the main components of gel materials or simply had acrylic nails and insists on them. These clients are now in a difficult situation as they can hardly find a professional who uses acrylic, let alone one who works well with it. By broadening our knowledge of materials and the range of materials we use, we increase the chances of serving all the needs of new clients.

Following New Trends:

New trends and techniques demand that we continuously expand our knowledge. Participate in training sessions from time to time; there are many opportunities for both personal contact training and online courses. Free videos are also available, offering many useful tricks. There is nothing more reassuring for clients than showing them a picture and getting the response: "Of course, I can do that."

Online Marketing:

With the rise of social media, we must adapt and make the most of it. Choose the nails you like and those whose style you would enjoy creating. This is important because it helps determine what type of clients will approach us. Take photos of these nails, create videos during the process, and regularly upload the content. Write accompanying texts that might interest clients, such as the techniques used or the materials and colors used. It's worth creating these posts regularly since through friends and shares, our images and videos can reach far and wide.

Request Reviews and Opinions:

Most search engines, whether it's Google Maps, TripAdvisor, or Facebook, favor pages with many reviews. Ask our clients to share their positive experiences on these platforms because these authentic reviews matter a lot when someone is looking for a professional. Besides, we can ask them for feedback, whether through messages or on social media, which we can then gather and use as a reference for new clients.

Referral Promotion:

Finally, we can ask our clients to recommend us to their acquaintances when they are looking for a service provider. We can even suggest a discount system where we can thank our loyal clients for the recommendation, perhaps in the form of a small gift or discount.

It's evident that there are various methods with which we can attract new clients successfully. It's worth considering which ones we can comfortably incorporate into our business model.


Évi Darabos


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