Milky White Soft vs. Latte White

Milky White Soft vs. Latte White

Milk-white materials are extremely popular in the last years, but what are the differences between them, what can these materials be used for and which material should we choose for the given technique?

Our two new milk-white builder gels are extremely variable and can become our ideal companions by taking advantage of the small differences.

Milky White Soft gel is a cold white, medium-soft consistency, self-leveling gel, which makes it perfect for no-file technique. It makes even surface very quickly and easily within seconds. It is ideal for short and medium length nails.

Latte White gel is also cold white and has a slightly thicker consistency which allows to apply larger amount of material on longer nails.

Latte White vs Milky White Soft

One-color milky white nails

The entire nail can be sculpted or filled with a milky white gel, in this way we can take advantages of the materials that they fade softly when used thin next to the cuticle and cover perfecty if we use them thicker so they cover the natural smileline.


In the case of the softer version of babyboomer we use a soft, milky white gel on free edge area and make fading on it with cover gel, in this way we get a beautiful natural color effect.

Glitter ombre

Glitters look beautiful next to milky white gels, and the color transition created between them will make a really beautiful, spectacular effect. If we use latte gel on the top of glitters, shiny effect will be soft and mysterious. If we use glitter fading on the top of milky gels, result will be more sparkling.

Latte ombre

By combining the milky white gels with gel polish colors or color gels we can create a very interesting latte ombre effect. We can choose light pastel colors or more vivid pigmented colors, we can take advantage of milky white gels such as special soft-pigmentation to create lovely color transition easily.

Milky french

The soft white color can also be chosen for french nails, so we can create a natural french effect, where the white is not bright chalk white but still covers well and we can get a cool white free edge. Ideal for those who like a nice and natural effect.

Latte nailbed

An extreme effect and very spectacular when the nailbed extension is created not with a cover but with a milky white gel. The milky white builder gels are perfectly suitable for this as they perfectly cover the smile line area and by blending in the direction of cuticle, we can easily create the nice transition.

The milky white gels can be used very well during salon work, they can be combined extremely well with chrome powders, unicorn powders, mermaid powders and we should definitely try them with matte top gel also.


Évi Darabos


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