Perfume for the hands – Cuticle oils with new design

Perfume for the hands – Cuticle oils with new design

Not only does every manicurist need to have the latest manicure tools and accessories, but also the best quality cuticle oils for healthy hands. Let’s see what you can surprise them with this fall!

What is a cuticle and how to take care of them?

The cuticle is the layer of skin located at the nailbed, and its function is to give protection for the nails from bacteria. It is an extremely delicate and sensitive skin layer that can easily dry out or crack, so it’s crucial to keep it healthy.

As the cuticle has an important protective function, it is not advisable to remove it completely, even though it might seem to make manicure or pedicure easier. Of course, if some parts overgrow, you can remove those bits, but most of the time it’s enough to simply push it back into the nailbed to make it look nice.

High-quality cuticle oils

Making nails look nice is one thing, but it’s also important to use the best quality products to keep your clients’ hands healthy. The Perfect Nails cuticle oils help hydrate fingernails and nailbeds with their natural ingredients to prevent them from drying out or cracking. Using nail care oils regularly can make fingernails more resistant to the environment and full of life.

Scented fingernails? Spice up the fall with a bit of joy!

Of course, we haven’t mentioned the best thing about cuticle oils: these are unbelievably exciting products that are available with different scents to make those cold months a bit happier. The Perfect Nails scented nail care oils can make your clients look more radiant with a variety of fragrances. Let them pick the one they love the best!

Do you hear often that the summer should never end? Perfect Nails’ cuticle oils with refreshing pineapple, strawberry, peach, and grape scents can make anything exciting, so they might help to spice up those cold days. Or would you like to recommend something more playful to your clients? Our marzipan or spring flower cuticle oils match well with the colors of fall to provide an affable experience. Whether you’d like a fruity or a more floral scent, our nail care oils not only replenish the skin with vitamins but also provide your hands with an all-day fragrance.

In Vogue design – A new stylish look

Our nail care oils refresh both body and soul since their design will definitely seduce you. Our renewed design called In Vogue completely transforms the good old Perfect Nails products, giving the packaging a hot look inspired by Italian fashion brands and making the bottles even easier to use. Don't worry, the usual high quality hasn't changed at all.

So, the question remains: why will you love the new In Vogue look? Just like our gel polishes, you can also get our cuticle oils in uniquely designed bottles that do not roll due to their straight lines and are more practical thanks to their non-slip surface. In addition, our new X-brush, which can open into a fan, might also make your work smoother with its precision-cut bristles making the rear nail ridges easier to access.

Hand care isn’t exclusive to manicurists, so feel free to recommend our cuticle oils to your clients for home use, or you can also buy them for yourself. Check out the new In Vogue design products in our online store now!


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