Red – The best choice for Christmas

Red – The best choice for Christmas

If you have ever doubted that red is the color of the month, just look around yourself. If December is here, (almost) everything becomes red. The advent calendars and the Christmas decorations are certainly red, and this is the time when we get out the red-colored, ugly sweatshirts, knitted sweaters, red stockings, and of course, the red gel polishes and nail polishes.

Red nail polish for any regular or special day

Red has been the traditional color of Christmas for centuries. While green and gold are also popular at this time of the year, red and all its shades are still the most definitive colors of the holidays. Though red is one of the most popular, hottest shades, and it is among the most frequently requested color tones. It is recommended by beginner and professional manicurists, too, for those who are more indecisive regarding what to choose or simply like to rely on their manicurist’s taste. You can’t go wrong with red nail polish whether you’d wear it during weekdays or during the festivities. A red gel polish can bring some sunshine, life, and colors to the gloomy days of late autumn or early winter, while a well-made manicure will make any holiday even better.

Claret is also a good choice

For those who think gingerbread, snowman, Santa Claus, star, or Christmas tree nail decorations are a bit too much, and would rather have something simpler for the holidays, a red manicure is always a good choice. For those, who’d like to pick an accentuated holiday color instead of thematic decorations, we recommend Red Grape. It is deep, yet silky and characteristic that might remind you of the color of red wine.

Get some of the Perfect Nails red and claret gel polishes one by one or as part of a nail polish kit!


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