Social media – Tips and tricks

Social media – Tips and tricks

We often hear, see and read that nowadays, promotion should be particularly focused on social media. But what rules should we apply? What, when and how should we post? Let's explore some tips and advice that can help in our marketing efforts.

What to Post?

Before addressing the "what" question, it's essential to consider who our post will target, whom we want to address. If we aim to reach potential and/or existing clients, we need to introduce topics that interest them. This could involve textual themes like current trend colors, showcasing different nail shapes or explaining differences between materials and techniques. We can present any topic that our clients commonly inquire about.

We can analyze situations that cause concerns for our clients or topics that occupy their minds. Additionally, we can debunk misconceptions, such as whether nails need rest, if we can create nails for bitten ones or suggest products for allergic individuals.

Asking our audience questions, seeking their opinions or experiences is also effective. For instance, we can ask about their preferred nail shapes, lengths, colors or types of decorations. These types of posts are beneficial because, besides people generally like to express their opinions, the reader's feedback signals to the algorithm that our post is valuable and interesting.

Photo or Video?

Lately, it's observed that both the algorithm and viewers prefer video content, especially short, dynamic, attention-grabbing and interesting content. Therefore, it's worth considering creating mini, approximately 30-second videos to condense what we want to showcase.

Nevertheless, photo posts remain valuable. Here, we should aim for a visually compelling photo that catches the reader's eye, be it through composition, color palette or accessories next to the nails. Additionally, pay attention to the photo’s size; the classic square or slightly tall rectangle format is still an excellent choice, filling the phone screen better and pushing other content aside.

Eliciting Reactions

One of the best indicators of how much a post is liked, both by the algorithm and for us, is the reaction. This can be in the form of a "Like" or other emoticons (heart, hug) as well as comments. Each of these significantly increases the post's value, prompting the algorithm to show it to more people, generating even more reactions. To achieve this positive spiral, many use the technique of encouraging viewers in the post text to react, express their opinions, vote or tag friends.

Analysis and Evaluation

Don't forget to occasionally check statistics on the platforms to examine which posts were successful. Try to identify the element that made successful posts garner a high number of views or reactions. Based on this analysis, plan the types of posts for the next period. This direct and exploitable feedback, if used skillfully, can reach many people, turning them into interested followers and eventually into clients or customers. How to get more guests? You can also read about other effective methods in our article.


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