Welcome the New Belgian Distributor!


A Nail School Diploma, that made the business possible!

We are happy to state, that Ms. Marta Barka is a loyal customer of our company since 2002! She first met with Perfect Nails products at a Nail technician course in Budapest, Hungary where she had learned the following techniques: Nail scultping, Manicure and Pedicure skills, Nail applications; Cleaning, Trimming, and filing nails. Certainly, these studies and a tight experience with our best goods, made obvious the choice of the future brand!

The Idea that born from experience.

At this Moment, Marta lives in Belgium, where she moved around 10 years ago. Here, as Ms. Barka stated, she continued to gain professional knowledge.
In addition, Ms. Marta could find out, that there is no local brand, that provides such a big variety of products in such a high quality as Perfect Nails does!
This generated the idea to bring in Perfect Nails to Belgium! Marta is now, our respected local distributor, operating in Hainaut province of Belgium.

Great plans are already a good start! 2021, here we come!

Ms. Barka informed us, that in 2021, she would like to participate in as many professional events and exhibitions as possible, advertise in trade journals, and organize online competitions. Marta’s favorite product, except Perfect Nails Builder Gel family is the Elastic Hard. Its main advantage is a high speed of work and high durability, even on problem nails. This is one of our many goods, which is now represented in the country, thanks to Marta!

We were more than happy to hear that she is proud to be the one, who is able to introduce Perfect Nails brand in Belgium, and she strongly believes that it will be a successful and recognized brand there as well, just like in Hungary.

Congratulations and good luck!
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