What shades look good on your nails? – Part 1

What shades look good on your nails? – Part 1

Do you choose your nail polish color instinctively or according to your mood? Do you perhaps follow fashion taking current trends into account, or do you always opt for shades that match your color type?

What is color type theory?

Have you ever wondered why some people look great in bright colors while others look pale? And why is it that while loud, characterful colors look good on your girlfriend, somehow you don't see yourself in harmony with these shades? All of this has to do with the so-called color type theory, which can be linked to the name of a Swiss painter, Johannes Itten. According to his theory, there are two main types and within them four color groups with different characteristics. Who belongs to which one depends on their skin, hair and eye color, and each color group also has certain color properties, which, among other things, also influence which shades of nail polish and nail decorations look best on whom.

Season types - do you know which one you belong to?

Basically, we distinguish between two large categories: cold and warm types. Winter and summer belong to the cold season type, while fall and spring are naturally classified as warm season types. Which one you belong to is independent of what month or season you were born, and it has nothing to do with which colors you feel closer to. Winter and summer type colors are usually cold; light, dull colors match the summer color scheme, while winter colors are bright and clean. You will find warm colors in the autumn and spring palette; the autumn shades are usually deep and dull, while the spring ones are exactly like the season itself, fresh, fresh and bright. In the first part of our blog article, we take a closer look at the shades of the cold type, so you can find out which nail polish shades really suit you.

Winter type - the magic of opposites

A stronger contrast between hair and skin color, an eye color that contrasts spectacularly with the whites of the eyes, and a light skin color that highlights the vibrancy of the eyes and hair - this is perhaps the best way to describe those who belong to the winter type in one sentence. The natural shades of the winter type are cold, dark, saturated colors.

Hair: grey-brown, ashy dark brown, grey-black, black
Eyes: greyish blue, teal, green, grey, dark brown, black
Skin: cool, bluish-toned, cold brown, snow-white porcelain or pale yellowish

The winter type also likes strong, contrasting colors that others don't. Black, white, pink, magenta (LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - Magenta Monet X062 - ART), red, burgundy red (Gel Effect Nail Polish #024 - Red Wine 7ml), emerald green, ice purple, lemon yellow - these are the colors that make you can feel more confident and your appearance more harmonious.

Summer type - elegant restraint

Light hair, but not gaudy, bright, ivory or milky skin, with gray, blue-gray or light blue eyes - if you know yourself, then you definitely belong to the summer type. The colors of summer are restrained, less saturated compared to the shades of winter, mainly bright, pastels.

Hair: ash blonde, silver blonde, ash brown, light brown with a gray tone
Eyes: grayish blue, grayish green, light brown
Skin: cool, light porcelain, rosy, often freckled

Tired colors are not boring at all, and the summer types are the best proof of this, as the following shades suit them best: pale pink, baby blue, lavender (LacGel #211 Gel Polish 8ml - Lavander - Creamy), mint green, ash gray, lemon yellow, raspberry, navy blue. Do you want to spice up your manicure? Get inspired in the sea of glitter powders and usage suggestions from our article entitled 5+1 tips!


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