What you should know about cool protein gels

What you should know about cool protein gels

Perfect Consistency

The majority of professionals who use gels like to work with a material that is easy to apply in terms of texture and can be handled with delicate movements. The perfect material is not too hard, thus smoothing the surface and working out unevenness is effortless. At the same time, it is also important that if we make a higher C-arc or longer nails we have to be careful that the larger amount of material should not flow into the nail walls.

Cool protein gel gives the perfect combination of these two properties, it is extremely easy to work with, it can create a perfectly smooth surface in a matter of seconds, so it is also ideal for sculpting and filling.

Protein for strong nails

Due to the protein it contains, it stands out from the crowds of the average builder gels, because in addition to providing a very strong adhesion for the material, it also makes the finished nail stronger and more flexible, making it much more resistant to extreme conditions.

Goodbye burning sensations

Thanks to its special content, minimal heat is released during curing, so you can say goodbye to the unpleasant, burning sensation, whether applied in a thinner or thicker layer.

Cool Protein Gel - Nail Builder Pink Gel - Natural Cover 15g

Cool Protein Gel

Which color should I choose?

The transparent version is usually a good choice when using colored gel polish. In this case, we simply make the base nail (even with a file-free technique) and then apply the color and the flexible cover to the completely transparent base.
Next time, you don't have to completely thin the entire nail, just file the color off the surface, refill the nail with the transparent Cool protein gel in the same way and apply the new color.

The advantage of the transparent material is that any airy parts can be seen perfectly, so they can be corrected immediately.

Cover colors for nude, french, and babyboomer nail lovers

The new Cover color variants are very versatile and make our work easier if our guest wants a nude color effect, since in this case we simply prepare the nails from the favorite Cool protein Cover shade and with that we have formed the color, we do not need to apply a separate gel polish.

The same goes for French nails: it is not necessary to use a separate color for painted French, we can paint the white end on the finished nail immediately, and in the case of the built-in French, either using the traditional smile line technique or using the smile line filing, we can create a perfectly covering extension that forms an invisible transition at the base of the nail.

The appearance of the new Cover colors is also a great help for those who like the popular babyboomer effect, as the gradient with the white end can be created with a few movements, which will not wear off, will not discolor, and will perfectly retain the beautiful transition until the next charge.

So with the use of Cool protein gel, we can significantly shorten our working hours, simplify work processes, and thanks to its easy handling, it will become our favorite gel in a matter of seconds.

Author: Évi Darabos


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