We asked Évi Darabos about wedding nails

We asked Évi Darabos about wedding nails

With the arrival of spring and good weather comes the start of the wedding season, which is likely to be busier than average given the unfortunate period of the last 2 years.

Have you started booking appointments for brides?

Évi Darabos: Yes, there have been quite a few registrations from brides, because this day is very important for brides in many ways, they want to look their best and their nails are no exception. And those who want to be sure that they will have an appointment on the day that is most convenient for them, book their appointment with their nail technician months in advance to secure their place.

Do brides come with a ready-made plan or do they prefer to wait for help from a professional to decide what kind of nails to have?

Évi: Most people are prepared in advance, if not with ready-made plans, but with basic concepts of what kind of color world, what kind of decoration, shape and length should be made.

What are the most popular forms now?

Évi: Lately, chic almond-shaped nails and variations of these, Russian and Gothic almond, have become very popular - of course, the latter are considered extreme shapes, so they are favoured by brides who want to go for a bit longer nails.

Do they like long nails? Or do they prefer shorter ones?

Évi: Some people wear medium length and "go crazy" for the big day with something really long and nice and extreme, but there's also the other end of the spectrum, who prefer to keep it practical and rebuild the length they wear normally for everyday life to get a nice uniform shape. And then of course there are those who prefer mini nails for a more modest and understated look. The range is extremely wide.

LacGel Best of Wedding Gel Polish Collection

LacGel Best of Wedding Gel Polish Collection

Is French still the favourite?

Évi: Yes, a lot of brides are asking for clean French nails, but the baby boomer is also very close behind. Both styles are complemented by the new trend of glitter-ombre, a very beautiful, understated, yet spectacular, glittery effect that looks great with lighter colours and also with bright, rich glitter.

Do you prefer rhinestones or painted patterns?

Évi: Both, even together! A new trend in NailStar rhinestones is opal stones and all their colour variations: pink and white are eternal classics, but because of the "should be something blue" principle, light blue is also very popular and looks really beautiful.
When it comes to painted patterns, flowers and lace are definitely the favourites as, when combined with the bride's bouquet and the lace of the veil, you can create a really beautiful effect.

Is there anything you don't recommend for brides?

Évi: Yes, I tend to recommend less protruding things from the surface of the nail, because during the dressing, the already stressed bride can easily get caught in the tights, the dress, the veil, it's an unnecessary discomfort, so I don't recommend protruding ornaments or larger glitter powders as sugar effects because they can cause trouble.

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