LacGel Effect Prosecco Gel Polish Selection

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BrandPerfect Nails ColorMix UnitGel Polish 5x8ml EffectColor-changing

LacGel Effect Prosecco Gel Polish Selection

Extremely durable gel polish color in 3 steps

Self-leveling gel polish with outstanding adhesion, a crossover between color gel and nail polish. Gel Polish cures in UV/LED lamp and remains free from scratches or chipping for up to 3 weeks. They require a gel polish base and a top gel. They can be soaked off, allowing for a no-filing technique to protect the natural nails. Since this gel polish range only requires a very thin layer to achieve coverage, the effect is natural, similarly to a regular nail polish.

PLEASE NOTE: Stir the product with a spatula, or shake the bottle before use to ensure an even distribution of pigment.

The advantages of LacGel Gel Polish:

  • Quick soak-off
  • Intensive, highly pigmented colors
  • Gentle on the natural nails
  • Durable for up to 3 weeks
  • Cures in UV or UV/LED lamp, no need to wait for it to dry like regular nail polish

Features of the LacGel Gel Polish range:

  • Thickness: medium thick (2/5)
  • Flexibility: flexible (4/5)
  • Solubility: good (5/5)
  • Cure time: 2-3 minutes in UV, 1 minute in UV/LED.
  • Surface/shine after curing: Do not cleanse after curing. A top gel is recommended as a finishing touch.
  • Removal: Easy to soak off with acetone.

How to use?

  1. Prep the nails: Push back the cuticle, scrape off the tethered skin, and shape the nails. Remove surface shine from the nails and apply Perfect Prep for degreasing and dehydration.
  2. Base application: Apply a base gel recommended for gel polish.
  3. Gel polish application: Apply one thin coat of product, cure, then repeat the process with the second coat.
  4. Top gel application: After applying and curing the second coat of color, apply the recommended top gel and cure.

How to soak off LacGels?

  • Soak-off time: 10-20 minutes using "Foil Remover Wrap" with a generous amount of acetone.
  • After taking off the foil, use an orange wood stick or a pusher-scraper tool to push the loosened product off the nails.
  • The soaked off product stays in the foil.

Perfect Tip

File off the shine to shorten the soak-off time.


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