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BrandPerfect Nails ColorOther UnitElastic Gel 3x15ml

Baby Boomer Elastic Gel Collection

No more trial and error! We are presenting the only collection you will ever need for a perfect Baby Boomer design!
Purchase your favorites in a set and save 10% of the single price!

Perfect Tip

We highly recommend our Ombre brush in order to achieve a perfect blend of colors.

Advantages of each Baby Boomer Elastic Gel Collection unit

  • brush base and building gel in one
  • dense texture
  • slightly flexible (so it doesn't bend)
  • bendable (during construction)
  • strong, thick base (strong hold)
  • also suitable foк building on nail form
  • self-leveling (easy work)
  • does not flow (keeps the shape even during bonding)
  • also suitable for nail extensions and C-curve creation
  • suitable for nail correction
  • soluble
  • can be filed with minimal dust formation
  • leveling compound (uneven nails, nail furrows)
  • ironclad grip
  • fast and economical (1 step less without primer)
  • glossy surface and smooth (after cleansing!)
  • can be used on its own (for nail reinforcement, construction)
  • nail saver (more gentle with nails without primer)

Texture: dense
Flexibility: slightly flexible
Solubility: soluble


  • Gel polish base: Excellent colorless base, forms a much stronger, thicker, yet flexible, soluble layer than previous bases. It does not need to be cleansed after curing.
  • Powerful nail strengthener: Can be used on its own or under nail polish in manicures and pedicures to gently (without primer) strength of your natural nails. It protects natural nails from external influences and mechanical damage, the nail polish on the surface remains much more durable. (While Bond Gel Vitamine + forms only a thin protective layer, Hardener Gel helps to grow nails long with thicker reinforcement, while Elastic Hard Gel provides nail extension and C-curve design with a stronger reinforcement, as if it were a building gel.) It cures to an extremely flexible and glossy surface, so it is not neccesarry to apply another layer on it. In case of its separated use and before filing, should be wiped with Gel Cleaner. Need to be fully fixed after curing.
  • Powerful nail leveler (self-leveling): It is an excellent solution for problematic nails (e.g. spoon nails) because of its density and area, it has a surface leveling function and cures on a smooth surface.
  • Powerful nail correction: Excellent for replacing broken nails or nail heels, even for longer nails.
  • Stronger nail extension: Can be extended up to 5-7mm on a nail form, does not bend, yet follows the shape of the nail flexibly and provides a strong hold
  • C-curve creation (dense texture retains shape, does not flow. Can also be bent)
  • Fast, 2-step nail sculpting technique with artificial nail effect.

HEAT PRODUCTION: slight | CURE TIME: UV 2–3 min., UV/LED 30–60 sec.

Surface when cured/cleansing

After curing, a minimal precipitation dispersion layer is formed. Therefore, it is not necessary to cleanse it, if another material is applied, but if Hard Gel is used on its own or filed, it should be wiped with gel cleaner/Aroma Cleaner for cleansing.

Post-binded surface / light: After curing, the surface is glossy and smooth.

How to Use?

  • Preparation: Skin pushing, scraping, nail shaping, preparation of the nail surface with a fine buffer.
  • Cleaning: Nail cleaning, disinfection, degreasing, dehydration with Perfect Prep (Due to its excellent adhesion, Perfect Bond Primer does not need to be used, it adheres well without it)

For gel polish

  • Apply Elastic Hard Gel
  • Cure - Curing is not required.
  • Application of gel polish color: The application, setting, possible curing and light gel are applied according to the specifications of the given product.
  • Cure: According to the cure time and applied method, to the chosen material
  • Light gel: If necessary, use a light gel depending on the properties of the selected material

For nail extensions

  • Apply a nail form
  • Applying Elastic Hard Gel
  • Cure
  • Fixation: As the nail shape is filed, a complete cleansing process with Gel Cleaner is required beforehand.
  • File
  • Gel varnish color application: Apply, bond, and possibly fix, and light gel according to the product's specifications.
  • Curing: According to the cure time and applied method, to the chosen material
  • Light gel: If necessary, use a light gel depending on the properties of the selected material
  • Removal: soluble in acetone after buffering.


Keep away from heat and light (including natural UV light, incoming with the sun rays). Reccomended only for professional use. Apply only according to the instruction above.


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Elégedett vagyok
Nagyon szuper! Könnyű vele dolgozni és gyors.
Egy örök szalon darab ???? Köszönöm!
Szuper termék eddig semmivel wl nem sikerült a Babyboomer ezzel viszont elsőre sikerült! Imádom! Ajánlom mindenkinek!
Mindenkinek ajánlom. Nagyszerű termék.
Fazekas Fatime
Maximálisan elégedett vagyok, akár önmagukban is nagyon szépen mutatnak. Babyboomer többé nem rémálom
Léránt Szonja
Nagyon jó!
Szerintem nagyon szépen el lehet készíteni vele a baby boomert!
Imádom :)
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