Dune Gel Polish Collection – If you liked the movie, you'll love this too

Dune Gel Polish Collection – If you liked the movie, you'll love this too

Characteristic earth colors with black dots - autumn's favorite gel polish set is the effect gel polish collection inspired by the movie Dune, which leads to the world of desert grains and elemental colors. It would be a shame to miss this, we will also tell you why in the following. Read more!

A cult novel turned movie

It doesn't matter whether you know David Lynch's sci-fi version, which was released in 1984, or whether you've only seen the Dune adaptation starring Timothée Chalamet, which was released in cinemas a few years ago, it's almost certain that one way or another, Dune will remain with you. - the color scheme of films. The thousand shades of brown, burgundy, gray, sand color, those sun-baked desert, snowy, but by no means boring colors that are present throughout the films. Those wonderful, striking earth colors that you would almost certainly like to wear on your nails this autumn.

A world of scenery and colors that inspired us too

The dark and sometimes grotesque tones that stand out even on the cinema screen, the pale but still characteristic earth colors and desert shades inspired us, so we created a gel polish collection that was inspired by the award-winning visuals of the Dune film. We have expanded our Effekt product range with pearlescent premium gel varnishes with a sand effect, so you can now find Sierra, Pinky Dust, Mauve Sesame, Granite Effect shades in one box. You can create amazingly beautiful manicures with these products even when used alone, but if you feel creative enough and your guests are willing enough, you can skillfully pair the shades together.

Vibrating, durable gel polishes

Whatever you decide, what you can definitely expect from our gel polishes:
  • creamy soft textures;
  • wonderful bright shades;
  • perfect and long-lasting coverage;
  • solid and resistant layer;
  • X-brush, which makes work precise and child's play;
  • scratch-, abrasion- and chipping-free manicure lasting up to 3-4 weeks.

If we have piqued your interest, don't hesitate and order our LaQ X - Dune Gel Polish Collection now!


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