Multiple variations with one product: Nail stamping plates

Multiple variations with one product: Nail stamping plates

Nail stamping provides great opportunities for those with creativity but may not be entirely satisfied with their hand-drawn designs. Stamping allows for the creation of intricate patterns and with a little imagination, you can craft truly unique nail art.

Ombre pattern

One very simple way to elevate your designs is by using more than one color. By creating an ombre effect on the stamping plate, you can transfer an ombre pattern onto the nail. This adds a twist to your design instantly!

Inverse pattern

Especially with larger, geometric patterns, it looks fantastic when you create an ombre effect on the base nail using 2-3 colors. Afterward, you can stamp a black pattern on it, creating an inverted design. It gives a uniquely sensual illusion, making it seem like the ombre itself is the pattern.

Chrome powder, Neon pigment powder

You can spice up your design significantly by applying chrome powder on top of a black pattern or neon pigment powder on top of a white pattern. If you're working with nail polish, ensure the powder gets on the pattern quickly due to fast drying. If you're using stamping gel, you can apply the powders a few seconds after curing, allowing them to rub into the tacky layer. Afterward, remove excess powder with a soft brush, and make sure to it seal with flexible top gel for lasting results.

Duplicated effect

You can achieve a very unique effect by using 2-3 shades of the same color to apply the same pattern on the nail with slight shifts for each color, creating a slightly three-dimensional effect. It's a good idea to start with the darkest color and finish with the lightest, possibly white.

Glittering, Metallic accents

For every pattern, there are areas that look great when highlighted with a metallic, shiny effect. Metallic stamping gels work exceptionally well for this purpose. You can apply them over the entire pattern with a slight shift or add another pattern (e.g., straight lines, curves, or tendrils) beside your original design to create an exciting decoration.

Homemade stickers

Don't forget the stamping plate's incredible ability to create your own stickers. You can outline the pattern with the stamp and fill it with a thin layer of gel polish, then cure it to make your custom-made stickers. If done well and thinly, you can apply these hair-thin stickers to the nail's surface and seal them with top gel for a quick and impressive decoration.

Stamping isn't such a dull task after all, right? If you want to create a manicure that is especially suitable for the fall season, use our Stamping plate - Leaf Design product and choose from leaves inspired by nature!


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