Top 10 must-have spring gel polish colors

Top 10 must-have spring gel polish colors

Are you excited for the first rays of spring sunshine? Decided to ditch the darker shades for a while and look for new, cheerful, spring colors to replace them? Wondering which are the best pastel shades of gel polish, you can't go wrong with in the coming months? If so, read on as we bring you the best colors of the season in the spirit of spring renewal! Whether you're a professional manicurist or looking for beautiful, long-lasting gel polishes with excellent adhesion for home use, we've got you covered.

Color of Spring flowers: purple

Violet, lilac, - these are typical early-spring, summer flowers, you can smell the fragrance of them just by hearing their names. If you're not just thinking of a flower garden but want to welcome spring with a fabulous purple manicure, this Flower Power - Purple Rain pastel purple gel polish will be in your heart in a flash.

Girly pink

Every year, soft, creamy macaron colors get a lot of attention, and the good news is that the spring of 2022 will be no different. If you're looking for a girly color that will put a smile on everyone's face, we recommend this mesmerizing pink. Show the world just how much you love spring, all you need to do this is the powerful shade of the Macaron Gel Lacquer Set Oh, baby.

LacGel Plus +004 Gel Polish 8ml - Flower Power - Purple Rain

Elegant and discreet peach color

What do we think of this understated, tasteful pastel color? An ashy, juicy peach that's a pleasure to bite into. If you've got a guest who prefers a more discreet look, you can sweep them off their feet in a minute with this Peach Quartz - Cupcake Gel Lacquer. A real hit for the naturalist, it looks great on the hands and feet.

Macaron colors are never enough

For a few more thoughts, let's stick to the popular macaron shades, as Perfect Nails has plenty more colors inspired by this delicious, sweet treat. The pastel green color, like pistachio, is a real jolly joker as it will freshen up your spring look. Use it on its own or combine it with other macaron colors - like this Grapefruit Orange - to really make nails that will remind everybody of a box of cookies.

LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - Pistachio X014 - Macaroon

Fresh and vibrant green

The lovechild of colored nail polishes and traditional permanent lac, this extra pigmented green banana gel polish with excellent adhesion is a popular piece from the Cat Eye collection. The fresh and vibrant grass-green shade is one of spring most characteristic colors, so feel free to use it from early spring to summer and even beyond.

A little treat for the nails

Milky effect Candy Pop with fun, colorful neon polka dots - an exciting pastel ice cream color combination that has endless possibilities. Use it on artificial nails or on its own as a gel polish, it's a great product to try!

LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - Lollipop X057 - Candy Pop

Like a clear blue spring sky

Think you can never have enough macaron shades? You're right! From pistachio green to wild pink or cheerful orange, we've also added a pastel blue, like the beautiful sky, it’s a perfect match.

Even Van Gogh would envy this orange

The famous painter Vincent van Gogh once said that there is no blue without yellow and orange. Every primary color has what is called a secondary color, and in the case of blue, it is orange. It's not just the color of summer, it's also the color of spring, so if you want to evoke the warming rays of spring sunshine on your nails, this Mangogh orange will be your favorite for that extra color experience.

LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - ManGogh X063 - ART

Baby pink for a spring romance

Pink is a feminine, soft color not only in spring, but also at any other time of the year. It is a color of tenderness and romance, especially if you choose a soft, pastel baby pink. It looks great on nails at all times, so if you haven't found the perfect pink yet, this might be it. Look no further than Candy Babe - Lipstick!

LacGel LaQ X Gel Polish 8ml - Peach X068 - Sparkle

Spring full of glitter!

As the flowers sparkle in the spring sunshine, our nails should shine too! Try our pastel gel polishes with smaller, bigger glitters and show the world how much you're enjoying spring!


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